The European Central Bank has raised five-tenths to 1.5 %, its economic growth forecast for this year in Europe by the launch of its new politic monetary expansion. In 2016, according to the European maximum monetary institution, the economy will grow by 1.9 %, compared with 1.5 % forecast in December.

In addition, the ECB expected that  the economy in the euro area will grow 2.1 percent in 2017, the first projections published by the institution for that year.

The experts believe that the ECB’s announcement concerning the plan for the purchase of debt in the euro area will produce an increase in the dynamism of the real estate market, well above expectations.

The ECB has announced on its program for the purchase of debt, which will run until September of 2016 and has announced an increase in the volume for the purchase of bonds, unexpected by the markets. Something that will benefit above all expectation to the real estate market.

Ultimately, the real estate sector is emerging as one of the major beneficiaries of the plan of incentive of the European Central Bank (ECB).


IMG INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS is a project for which we need international investors.

The real value in the current market of the assets that make up this investment project are placed around the 2,2 Billion €uros.

More than 150 real estate assets constitute one of the investment projects more profitable and attractive to international level.

Project which englobed geographically to 10 countries ( Spain, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Morocco, Mexico, Czech Republic and Romania), with all that entails in order to ensure even more if it is worth the investment by the scope and diversity of markets.

Includes empty plots and various types of construction, Assets and Properties:

– Residential

– Resorts & Hotels

– Golf Resorts

– Shopping Centers

– Leisure and sports centers

To cofront  this  investment, IMG offers various ways to participate of the project:

1.- By providing the required amount of the entire project, so the investor would be the owner of the project by 100%.

2.- Accounts in participation.

The parts of this contract are: The “account-involved” that puts a capital in the business and aspires to a remuneration (from now on, the inverter), and the “manager”, which carries on the business under their own name (from now on, IMG).

IMG is responsible through its integral management of the project to carry out ​any of the actions that need to be taken to achieve the purposes ​agreed, both in time and form. In this way, the work of the investor only ​would be to receive and analyze reports that credited that really ​the efforts made by IMG were in the forecasts and accounts of ​results that were initially raised.

3.- Contribution in Social Capital: ​

Possibility to become a member of the society. Be formalized through the ​issuance of shares and payment of premiums.

​The investor, to invest their resources in an investment company, acquires ​actions of this company and its resources are devoted to the acquisition of assets of investment ​object selected in accordance with the criteria for investment and ​diversification of risks, which set the society.

​Four types of investment companies: investment companies with variable income, ​in debt instruments, in capitals, and in limited purpose.

4.- Access to the Council of Directors. This option will depend on the amount of shares purchased.


The purchase price is below the 50% of its actual value, which allows us to meet the marketing with much more force and guarantee

In all of the contributions that are generated by the investor, we guarantee the maximum profitability and security in the return on your investment:

1st year: Profit minimum of 3.5%.

2nd year: According to our expectations about 12% profit

Next 10 Years: will triple the value of the investment.

Everything described above is reflected in the feasibility study done by one of the more prestigious consultants/auditing  of the world.


All investment plan needs, in addition to illusion, an economic investment. IMG Inversiones Marinagolf aims to find a balance between these two factors. By the own sophistication and specialization that surrounds the world of real estate in general, and in this real estate projects of great importance , the “know how” and  the “know who” Inversiones Marinagolf  enables us to drive, advise and accompany the investor at all times and levels.

We are experts in business management:

  • Establish companies
  • Purchase of companies
  • Sale of companies
  • Valuation
  • Business plans and feasibility studies
  • Marketing and online solutions
  • Corporate mergers
  • Strategic advice
  • Search for investors

We are well prepared to manage projects such as the one presented here.

The benefits of the investment are documented, garanted  and endorsed by IMG.

We know clearly the target market to this project.

Our track record proof that we are specialists in the sector in which you want to enter and the place that we are going to occupy in the international investment market.

We have a R&D (Research and Development) department that will be responsible for generating the sufficient marketing and advertisement to ensure the marketing of all the real estate assets that make up the project.

For those who are smart enough and proceed in investing with us, comfort for their capital security will be provided through Prime International Insurance Company or through a Bank Guarantee issued by a Prime Bank complete with special conditions by yearly automatic renewal ONLY for the period of the Investment Project.

If the Investment Project completed well in advance of the anticipated time, then the Company will return the Invested capital to Investors complete with related interest and profit share as stated above but till the date that Investment project is completed.

We are open to discuss and cooperate with any International Investor or Fund for mutual benefits based on professionalism and transparency.

Our Associated International Law firm as well as our Lawyers through our “In House” Legal Department are happy and ready to discus,cooperate and provide any further explanations to any Investor’s Lawyer.


Through the cooperation with Prime International Banks, Financial Institutions and Private Banking Sector we can offer some special advantages to our investors such as:

  • Absolute confidentiality of your banking transactions and personal data.
  • Issuing of Letter of Credit (LC).
  • Issuing of Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC).
  • Project Financing.
  • Asset management.
  • Investment banking.
  • Management bank assets.

In consideration of all the above, IMG feel confident, believes and trust on this excellent business opportunity. We Bet on this project.

So much so, that we want to participate as an active member of this project. Offering an added value to the transparency with which we want to tackle this project.

All will rely on the financial projections analyzed:

– Cashflow reports and revenue.

– Time frame to achieve the agreed targets.

We provide key indicators such as number of customers, number of sales, conversion rates.

We will rely on actual facts and measure to generate the credibility that offers the project. (Audit Reports)

Investors interested to participate, submission of “Letter of Interest” is required.


To design and implement a sustainable structure and entrenched legal, economic, urban development, fiscal, administrative and registration, we have the most important professional offices:

Notary fees: CARREÑO AND RECATALA. Coordination of the counselling and legal guarantees for the investor client, with a continual communication between the professional offices.

Business Law Firms: José Antonio Portabales